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Jacobi Jayne Feeder Fresh


Feeder Fresh from Jacobi Jayne is a safe, non-toxic and biologically inert product to add to bird seed feeders to stop mould and mildew. They do not harm wildlife or water supplies.

These amazing non-toxic granules can be added to the bottom of each feeder. They absorb excess moisture and stop the growth of harmful moulds especially when it rains and rains! This in turn stops expensive wastage incurred from having to throw away the inedible moisture-damaged seed. Cleaning bird feeders regularly is an absolute necessity but using Feeder Fresh can reduce the frequency. They make it easier to ensure that the seed feeders stay clean and that the wild garden birds stay healthy.

Use in tubular seed feeders such as these by Jacobi Jayne or these from Tom Chambers. I use it with nyjer seeds or a classic seed blend.

A Note on Hygiene

Mouldy seeds are dangerous and life threatening for birds and should be removed from all feeders. The RSPB recommends regular cleaning of all feeders and tables and baths to ensure no mould or bacteria build up. We use a mild disinfectant to help keep viruses at bay.