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Elizabeth Bird Feeder Tree


Our magnificent extra tall ELIZABETH bird feeder tree is inspired by nature itself. The inspiration for the contemporary design was the silhouette of a young field-grown beech tree in winter. This image has been stylised to provide a sculptural heavy duty bird feeder pole from which to hang bird feeders. The trunk and branches are made from steel and lengths of copper wire have been wound round to create an illusion of bark. The addition of the copper also provides a stop so the hanging wild bird feeders remain in place.

This large tall free-standing bird feeder pole is welded to a small flat steel base. We provide 4 custom-made stakes that can be inserted into the 4 holes on the corners and then hammered into the ground. This secures the heavy-duty wild bird feeder tree pole in place and means it wont fall over or wobble around.

Although ELIZABETH is a metal single pole system she is in fact made from many steel stems. It is these stems that spread out to create 15 branches from which to hang a large variety of different feeders meaning you can create a huge feast of nuts and seeds for the wild birds to enjoy.

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Have a look at our gallery of photographs to see more of our designs.

  • Dimensions: approx. H 2200mm x W 1620mm x D 1540mm
  • Weight: approx. 26kg
  • UK Delivery: £200
Our Bespoke Packaging & Shipping

It has been fun collaborating with a local company A&A Packaging to find solutions to keep our metal bird trees and bird baths safe and secure during transport. We have considered the environmental impact and we have used recycled and recyclable solutions and where possible we have avoided single-use plastics.

Our designs make wonderful presents, so we know that our packaging and labelling need to be beautiful and luxurious. To see these solutions have a look at our packaging page.

We do not charge for the packaging but we do have to charge for shipping. Something this large needs a specialist courier so we have developed a relationship with another local business called Cranleigh Distribution. The cost for shipping this extra tall bird feeder tree is £200 and will be charged at checkout.

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch.

A Note on Hygiene

The RSPB say that you should clean your bird feeders every 2-3 weeks. The frequency depends on how busy they are so you may have to do it more often. Viruses can spread fast so we certainly suggest cleaning weekly or more often in the summer months. You might like to think about using one of our recommended cleaning products to help make this job easier.



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