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Honor Bird Feeder Tree


HONOR is the smallest of our bird feeder trees and creates a haven for wild birds to perch and feed from. Made from durable steel and copper, she is elegant, strong and sturdy and just right for hanging any style of bird feeder. In our opinion this is the best metal bird feeder pole of its size not only because HONOR looks incredibly stylish but also because it is super strong and will not bend or wobble or lean.

The inspirational silhouette of a young field-grown beech tree in winter has been simplified and stylised and combined with the practicality of making a free standing single pole bird feeder tree that is much easier to ship than our larger ones. HONOR comes in two separate pieces which are simple to join together and because longevity is at the heart of our designs this decorative hanging pole has been made to last and will not break.

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All our bird baths and bird feeder trees are made by skilled craftspeople here in Hampshire, UK.

  • Dimension: approx. H 1800mm x W 560mm x D 520mm
  • Weight: approx: 7.5kg
  • UK Delivery: £30
Our Bespoke Packaging & Shipping

A&A Packaging are a local company specialising in all things packaging! We have spent a huge amount of time together working out how to box and package all our designs so they reach their destination safely. Where possible we used recycled and recyclable products and have avoided single use plastics. We have also tried to make our boxes and gift cards as luxurious and pretty enough for them to be given as a gift. If you would like to see these solutions please see our packaging page.

We do not charge for packaging but we have to charge for shipping. This is charged at checkout and HONOR costs only £30 to send almost anywhere in the UK. If you would like to send her overseas just get in touch and we will arrange a quotation. It is also possible for you to collect HONOR from our workshop here in Hampshire in the UK. If you would like to do this then simply check the relevant box on the checkout page and we can make a date!

Get in touch with any questions – it would be lovely to hear from you.

A Note on Hygiene

Viruses spread quickly and bacteria can build up on mouldy food so make sure you clean your bird feeders every 3 to 4 weeks as suggested by the RSPB. There will be signs such as the nuts becoming green or even black and the seed becoming wet and sticky. Try and clean them before they get to this stage because mould is poisonous for wild birds. Think about using one of our recommended cleaning products to help keep viruses at bay.



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