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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions about our bird baths, feeding trees and products in general. If you cant find your question and would like to ask one please contact us. We'd be delighted to help.

When should birds be fed?

Birds can be fed all year round.

What is the best food to feed wild birds?

Seeds, suet, worms, nuts

How often do I need to clean the bird feeders?

I wash mine out everytime I fill them but i give them a deep clean every two weeks.

Will steel rust on my bird bath?

In a word yes! But if you prefer you can keep it rust free with a little maintenance. See below.

Where should I place a bird feeding tree?

We have ours as close to our kitchen window as possible!  But they can go anywhere that you wish – we just recommend that you put them somewhere that you can see them from a window that you like to look out of regularly. This way you can watch and enjoy all the incredible wild birds you will attract.

They are easiest to install on a flat surface in a flower bed or on grass where the bespoke stabilising pegs we supply can easily be driven into the ground using a mallet.

However, having said that it is also possible to place them on a terrace but you will neeed to drill holes in line with the 4 on the base so it can be secured safely.

Will Copper develop the verdigris patina?

If left to weather copper will develop a beautiful green grey verdigris which when dry is the most spectacular colour – think the Statue of Liberty in New York. However, if you prefer you can keep the copper shiny and copper-coloured with a little maintenance. See below.

Is it possible to stop the rust and verdigris forming on metal?

Steel wool will brush away any rust, use a little acetone to help. If you want to keep the steel black spray with Jenolite and for the copper to stay shiny use Renaissance Micro-crystalline Wax Polish.

Where is the best place to put a bird bath?

It’s best to put your bird bath in a partially shady part of the garden if possible as this keeps the water cooler and fresher when it’s hot and sunny. Make sure the bath allows for clear visibility so birds can spy any predators approaching but it should be close enough to trees or bushes so they can perch and survey the scene before a dip. Also having an elevated bird bath gives them an advantage against any predators (cats!) which might ambush them. Having a stem bird bath provides flexibility on location as you can move the bath around easily.

Why do birds need a bird bath?

Most small birds actually need to drink at least twice a day so providing them with a good, clean source of water all year round is a great help to them. Bathing and preening are essential to their well-being as it keeps feathers in good condition. In winter it’s important to check that the water isn’t frozen so that they can still access the bath

What is the right depth for a bird bath?

Bird baths should be shallow – the RSPB recommends between 2.5cm to 10cm deep – so that a variety of birds can use them safely. It is also good to have a rough or rippled surface which makes it easier for the birds to perch and get purchase. Largish stones  can be added to the bird bath to create a central resting place for birds to lean down and drink from. Gravel can also be added to change the depth of the birdbath whilst also making a rough surface.

How often should you clean a bird bath?

It is important to clean your bird bath regularly and change the water which prevents birds from catching diseases. Bird baths will collect dead leaves or droppings so give it a thorough scrub every week or so to prevent build-up of dirt and algae. Also don’t put the bath too close to bird tables or feeders so that the birds aren’t knocking food into it all the time.

How long for bird bath and bird feeding tree backorders?

Usually two weeks but if it is already being handcrafted in our workshop we may be able to get it to you sooner so please get in touch.

Email us at or call us on +44 (0)1256381296 or +44 (0)7967502852

How long for delivery?

In brief:
Items in stock will be packaged and ready for to be shipped within 2 days.
Items that are going to be crafted especially for you will take approximately 2 weeks.
For the stem bird baths and accessories we will use a 48 hour postal courier such as ParcelForce.
For the larger items such as NICCI and PERSEPHONE we will use a pallet carrier such as Tuffnell with a 48 hour service.
If you need your items more quickly please email or call us on +44 (0)1256381296 or +44 (0)7967502852
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How much is post and packaging?

Our bespoke packaging is free of charge but shipping is charged at checkout. For detailed information about this please click here

What is your returns policy?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.
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