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jacobi jayne verdigris ring-pull-click-peanut-feeder-zinc
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Medium Peanut Feeder – Jacobi Jayne


Jacobi Jayne Ring-Pull™ Click Large Peanut Feeder: Twist off, click off.

This fantastic metal hanging peanut feeder is actually quite large and I have found that spotted woodpeckers LOVE to visit mine. Jacobi Jayne make truly excellent feeders which are strong and beautifully designed and look great hanging from our Verdigris UK copper and steel bird feeder trees.

This large metal peanut feeder is super-tough and strong built to last for years! It’s backed by the reassurance of the Jacobi Jayne Lifetime Guarantee and speedy parts replacement service, reducing the worry of damage from squirrels or the weather.

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These peanut feeders for birds come empty but you can buy a bag of bird peanuts here!

  • Height of feeder: 39cm
  • Height of handle: 11cm
  • Diameter of feeder: 8cm (16cm with perches)
  • Colour: Zinc
A Note on Hygiene

Clean your feeders regularly and make sure that any nuts and seeds are free from mould. Stop the build up of bacteria and reduce the risk of spreading viruses by using a mild detergent and drying your feeders thoroughly before refilling with fresh food. The RSPB suggest using a bird safe disinfectant too. They also suggest that if you are feeding birds you should also offer birds water to drink and bathe in.



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