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Classic Bird Seed Mix – Tom Chambers


Tom Chambers have been blending bird food for many years and their Classic Seed Blend is a fantastically nutritious seeded bird food mix to offer as an everyday food. This blend is the best mix of seeds for feeding wild garden birds all year round.

Use in hanging bird seed feeders to offer mixed bird seed and watch and see which grain or seed is preferred by the many varieties that this wild bird seed mix will attract. If one species discards a seed or grain it either lands on the ground to be eaten by those birds who prefer to eat from the ground or you could use a tray under the Jacobi Jayne tubular seed feeder and create a table for even more species.

Hanging feeders up high keep birds safe from predators so have look at our sculptural steel bird feeder trees here.

This premium garden bird seed mix can be used to scatter on the ground and on bird tables too.

Store all bird food in a call dry place.

  • Ingredients: Wheat, black sunflower seeds, maize grits, whole oats, red millet, red dari & vegetable oil
  • Weight: 2kg + 25% extra free (2.5kg)
A Note on Hygiene

Keep food fresh and dry and don’t let any food get too wet. Mould is really bad for birds so check your feeders regularly and through we food away and prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases. If you are going to feed garden birds please make sure they have plenty of fresh clean water for drinking and bathing in too. Our bird baths might be just what you need!

To stop the spread of viruses the RSPB recommends cleaning feeding and drinking areas regularly with a mild disinfectant.



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