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Bird Feeder Cleaner Disinfectant Spray (250ml)


This is a bird safe and highly effective regular cleanser and disinfectant for bird baths, bird feeders and bird tables. It is non-toxic and non-staining. Simply spray on, leave for a minute and clean using a kitchen towel. Use Ark-Klens to reduce the spread of viruses as recommended by the RSPB.

This is a blend of benzalkonium chloride (quaternary ammonium compounds) specially selected for safety of use. This family of chemicals are powerful disinfectants with an additional detergent and deodorising action. At the recommended concentrations ARK-KLENS is non-corrosive, it is bactericidal against a wide range of gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Some viruses and some fungi are also susceptible. This makes ARK-KLENS suitable for disinfection of the animal “environment” such as vivaria, cages, kennels, and food and water bowls etc. It can also be used safely as a disinfectant for incubators. As a disinfectant it has broad antibacterial activity and is virucidal against lipophilic viruses.

Comes in a ready-to-use 250ml spray bottle.