Product Packaging

The loveliest of presents for yourself or friends & family

Bird baths and bird trees make the loveliest presents whether you’re giving one to yourself or to friends or family. This is why all VERDIGRIS pieces come with a copper-coloured information card tied on with a thick verdigris coloured velvet ribbon. The card introduces the new owner to their new piece and it explains what she is, what she’s made from, where and how to position her and how to take care of her. I love attaching a personal message, so any gift messages are carefully typed and tied on.

All bird baths are then placed into a box which is pretty enough to give as a gift and strong enough to send via the mail. I found local, highly professional and inventive A&A Packaging and commissioned them to design the best packaging possible. They rose to the challenge and have created brilliant protective solutions for every design. We use recycled and recyclable products where possible and do not unnecessarily fill empty voids.

Finally, a little brochure explaining a bit about VERDIGRIS is also included before sealing the box. The box is stamped with the VERDIGRIS logo and is ready to go!

The feeding trees are a little more unusual to transport so we have had special palates and crate frames designed for them. The trees are secured to these palates using washers and screws and the branches are tied in using tape. The trees come with the same copper coloured information card and thick verdigris coloured ribbon and brochure.

If you have any questions about our packaging or anything else please do get in touch.