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Sophie Hanging Bird Bath


SOPHIE is a copper bird bath designed to hang from a branch of a small tree and makes the perfect vessel to capture rainwater and provide your wild birds with a wonderful watering hole. The branches and leaves of the trees provide natural shelter from direct sun and possible predators.

This large elegant tree hanging bird bath is a beautiful piece of sculpture in its own right but also a haven for wild birds. A copper dish made from a reclaimed boiler base is suspended using three equal lengths of steel chain. Perfect for hanging from a tree – the best being the smaller varieties such as crab apples or magnolias. Additional steel chain and a hook are provided to make immediate installation easy and simple.

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  • Dimensions: approx. H 750mm from base to S hook x W/D 430mm depending on the actual size of the boiler bottom
  • Weight: approx. 3kg depending on the actual size of the copper boiler bottom
  • UK Delivery: £10
Our Bespoke Packaging & Shipping

We have spent a great deal of time collaborating with a local company A&A Packaging to come up with solutions to keep our artisan bird baths safe and secure during transport. We have considered the environmental impact and where possible we have avoided single use plastics and used recycled and recyclable solutions.

We have also tried to make them stylish and elegant so they look good enough to gift! Have a look at our packaging page and see what you think!

All gift packaging is included in the price but we do charge for shipping. This bird bath costs £10 to ship and the cost will be added at checkout. However, if you would like to collect her from our workshop here in Hampshire then just tick the box and let me know when you might like to plan a visit.

If you have any questions about our Sophie hanging bird bath please get in touch. We’d LOVE to hear from you.

A Note on Hygiene

The RSPB recommends that bird baths should be checked and cleaned weekly. The frequency really depends on how busy they are and how hot it is. We suggest cleaning more often in the summer months when viruses spread more quickly. Seeing green algae is a sign you could look out for. You could use one of our recommended maintenance products to help make this job easier or just use whatever you have at home.

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