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Medium Mixed Seed Feeder – Jacobi Jayne


Jacobi Jayne Ring-Pull™ Click Seed Feeder: Twist off, click off.

This medium sized hanging bird seed feeder is actually quite large! It has 4 sturdy ports and perches for wild birds to access their seeds. Seed feeders for small birds are incredibly versatile and you can fill them with any combination of seeds and grains and therefore attract a wide range of wild species to any size of garden.

Jacobi Jayne make fantastic tubular hanging feeders – all beautifully designed to look right at home in any size of garden and they look wonderful on our Verdigris UK bird feeder trees made from steel and copper.

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This feeder comes without the seed but you can buy a classic seed blend from us to get you started!

  • Height of feeder: 39cm
  • Height of handle: 11cm
  • Diameter of feeder: 8cm (15cm with perches)
  • Ports: 4
  • Colour: Zinc
A Note on Hygiene

It is really important to keep your wild bird seed feeders clean and free from mould and bacteria. As suggested by the RSPB regular cleaning with a mild soap and possibly a quick spray of bird safe disinfectant will help to do this and help stop the spread of viruses. Using a soft brush helps get the inside of the tube clean and make sure the feeder is completely dry before filling with new seeds. Using Jacobi Jayne Feeder Fresh absorbs excess water and helps minimise wastage.



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