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nyjer nibbles seeds 0.75kg tom chambers niger seeds
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Nyjer/Niger Nibbles – Tom Chambers


Nyjer seeds or niger seeds (and sometimes nyger seeds) are rich in oil and highly nutritious. They are a really great energy source for garden birds. These tiny black niger/nyjer seeds also make a great choice for winter feeding in the UK. Nyjer seed will give wild birds the high calories that will help them to store fat to keep them warm, as well as the lasting energy they need to survive the cold winter season. Goldfinches and lots of wild garden birds LOVE these tiny seeds.

Feed from a specialist nyjer / niger seed feeder from Tom Chambers. The holes are tiny!

Hang from one of our beautiful strong steel feeder trees!

Store all bird food in a cool dry place.

  • Weight: 0.75kg
A Note on Hygiene

Birds cannot eat mouldy seeds so please keep an eye on your feeders. Clean them regularly as recommended by the RSPB to keep them free from bacteria and disease. Use Jacobi Jayne Feeder Fresh to keep the seed free from excess water. If you are feeding wild birds always ensure garden birds have plenty of fresh clean water for drinking and bathing too. Clean feeding and drinking areas regularly with a mild disinfectant.



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