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Flora in rosemary
FLORA new from side ferns wall hydrangea
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Flora Bird Bath


FLORA is a large copper bird bath for your garden. This wonderful metal bird bath is made from a reclaimed copper boiler bottom welded to a steel stem. This stem can be stuck into soil, grass or pots and can stand tall or sit low to suit the vegetation around it. Wild birds love to bathe and drink from the water they find in the copper bird bath.

The edge of the copper charger has been carefully heated and hand-beaten by our skilled craftspeople here in the UK to form a flat ledge which not only looks stunning but also provides a ledge on which wild birds love to perch. Some of us think this makes her look like a flower hence her name, FLORA!

This free standing bird bath can be placed anywhere; under trees, in shrubs or flower beds or amongst formal hedges. The perfect garden bird bath! Shallow enough for drinking from and deep enough for bathing. Read our journal post for more information on good places to put your bird bath.

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Have a look at the photos in our gallery to see some of our bird baths which are aging gracefully!

  • Dimensions: approx. H 840mm x D/W 500mm depending on the size of the boiler bottom
  • Weight: approx. 2.3kg depending on the size of the boiler bottom
  • UK Delivery: £20
Our Bespoke Packaging & Shipping

It was very rewarding working with the local company A&A Packaging to come up with solutions to keep our garden bird baths safe and secure during transport. We took into account the environmental impact and so have managed to use mainly recycled and recyclable materials.

Our bird baths make great presents and so these boxes have also been designed to look good too! AND they are free of charge! Check out our packaging page here.

However we do charge for shipping and this bird bath costs £20 to send anywhere in the UK (usual restrictions apply) and this is applied at checkout. But if you live locally to us here in Hampshire then we are happy for you to come and collect your copper bird bath. Just tick the box at checkout and message me with a date.

If you have any questions about our FLORA bird bath please get in touch.

A Note on Hygiene

The RSPB recommends that bird baths should be checked and cleaned out every day. Bird feeders need cleaning every week. The frequency really depends on how busy they are. Viruses can spread quickly so we suggest cleaning more often in the summer months. You could use one of our recommended cleaning products to help make this job easier or just use whatever you have at home.

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