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Scrummy sunflower hearts 0.9 kg tom chambers
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Scrummy Sunflower Hearts for Birds – Tom Chambers


The Tom Chambers Scrummy Sunflower Hearts are a perfect seed for feeding all year round. Sunflower heart seeds are a highly nutritious wild garden bird food which are rich in oil and protein and provide valuable energy for a variety of birds including all manner of finches as well as robins, blackbirds, sparrows and starlings.

Sunflower hearts are a great source of protein and oils and are LOVED by all garden birds. Sunflower hearts have had the hard outer shell (normally black and sometimes black and white) removed which makes them really easy for small wild birds to eat.

Tom Chambers are renowned for sourcing and supplying top quality premium bird food.

For use in hanging seed feeders such as these from Tom Chambers or on ground feeders or on bird tables.

Hang feeders from one of our robust, elegant and unique steel and copper feeder trees.

Store all bird food in a cool dry place.

  • Weight: 0.9kg
A Note on Hygiene

Keep food fresh and dry, removing any wet food from feeders to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases. Viruses spread quickly so try using a mild disinfectant to clean the feeders. Clean all feeders and bird baths regularly – every couple of weeks at least and more often in wet or hot periods. If feeding birds you should also offer water for drinking and bathing. Have a look at our copper and steel bird baths.



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