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Small Seed Tray – Jacobi Jayne


The Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Bird Feeder Trays are additional extras that can be added to Ring-Pull seed feeders. Wild birds know what they like and when you offer a blend of wild bird seeds and grains they tend to just drop what they don’t want. This bird seed catcher tray stops unwanted food falling to the ground which can then be picked up in the tray by another garden bird who does like it! The tray has a lovely wide base and robins love to stand in them and eat as do collared doves and sparrows!

These bird feeder catcher base trays easily screw onto all Jacobi Jayne Ring-Pull seed feeders and catch any food that birds drop while they feast. They stop any spills or mess landing on the ground below. Also works on Jacobi Jayne Flo feeders.

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Small Tray Features:

  • Easily twists to remove the tray and feeder base together
  • 20cm diameter
  • Reduces seed spilling
  • Includes BaseLink
  • Can be used with Garden Pole
  • Compatible with all Ring-Pull and Flow feeder
A Note on Hygiene

All bird feeders including this tray need to be cleaned regularly especially in damp, wet, hot or humid weather. Mould and bacteria are dangerous for birds. Check every day and use a mild soap to wash them every week or two depending on how many visitors there are. Viruses spread quickly so the RSPB also suggests using a bird safe disinfectant.



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