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Fabulous Fat Balls for Birds (25) – Tom Chambers


Fat / suet balls provide a highly nutritious and tasty snack for wild birds especially in the winter when temperatures are low and the ground is frozen. These Tom Chambers suet balls for birds are a high energy mix of suet, seeds and cereals. These bird feeder fat balls are rich in minerals and will attract a wide range of UK wild birds to your garden.

Tom Chambers have years of experience creating high quality food for birds. These energy rich fat suet balls are environmentally friendly and come net free for use in fat ball feeders such as these heavy duty fat ball feeders also from Tom Chambers.

Try hanging all types of bird feeders from our strong and elegant bird feeder trees.

This refill bag contains 25 balls for the price of 20.

Store all bird food in a cool dark place.

A Note on Hygiene

Keep food fresh and dry, making sure to remove any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases. Birds cannot eat mouldy food. It’s really important to clean feeders and bird baths regularly and using a mild disinfectant is very helpful in stopping the spread of any viruses.

If you plan on feeding garden birds you should also think about offering a place for them to drink and bathe from. Our copper bird baths are perfect for gardens of all sizes.



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