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Gravel for Bird Baths


Birds LOVE to bathe and having a bird bath in your garden provides a place for them to do just that. The RSPB explain that birds need somewhere between 2cm and 10cm of water for their ablutions so adding a little gravel to your bird bath means you can adjust the level accordingly.

Birds need to be able to take a bath so they can wash their feathers and clean them. Wild birds will then spend time preening themselves to redistribute the oils that can be found beneath their wings. This washing and preening ensures the birds keep the feathers healthy and perfect for flying! If they become dirty they will be unable to fly.

Have a look at our bird baths here – made from steel and up-cycled copper boiler bases.

  • Weight: 1kg

Washed and ready to use!

A Note on Hygiene

All bird baths and bird feeders must be cleaned regularly especially during hot weather. Placing them in partial shade is a good idea as this stops the water getting too warm and evaporating too quickly. Murky water, green algae and lots of poop is a sign to get cleaning! Use an animal safe mild disinfectant to keep bird baths and feeders free from bacteria and disease and help stop the spread of viruses.