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Jenolite Rust Converter Spray (400ml)


Convert rust to a ready to paint surface using Jenolite Rust Converter. The chemical formula acts as a solution to rust buildup, working well on steel as well as iron.

This spray on Rust Converter epoxy based rust treatment works by turning the iron oxides which cause rust into a protective chemical barrier. The protective barrier acts as a primer, allowing the metal to be painted over again.

Rust converter is usually used on metal materials such as steel, aluminium or iron that can’t be stripped fully back to bare metal. This is because they might require some stronger methods like sandblasting to fully remove the rust if it is in a really bad condition.

Jenolite explain how to use Rust Converter and the difference between this and Rust Remover on their website. Click here to read all about it!

  • Size: 400ml spray can