How Verdigris Started

How Verdigris Started

I am often asked how did this all begin and of course there is a story to tell.

One day two friends were chatting on the telephone about work – one in London, one in Hampshire – but it turns out that both were looking out of their windows gazing at the birds feeding on the seeds and fat-balls swinging from their trees and soon they were no longer discussing business but birds! But only one had a bird bath and the owner of this bird bath wanted his friend to have one so he too could enjoy the spectacle of bathing birds.

So, it was decided that the friends’ wife’s birthday would provide the perfect opportunity to bring such a thing into their garden. But the wife was not so convinced! A discerning lady especially when it comes to house and garden – I have always admired her stunning style and effortless elegance. She would have to be persuaded and the wonderful stone one that sits in our garden would not be “right” for her or her garden. It would have to be unique and striking and above all elegant.

So, with an idea in mind, I set off on my mission and the first prototype was created from an old boiler base, a cut off boiler bottom and a bit of rusty rebar that we found in a wonderful family-run metal recycling yard. And from these humble beginnings NICCI evolved into what she is now. Elegant and sculptural and equally at home in a city or a country garden where she quietly stands alone aging gracefully providing water for birds to drink and bathe in.

Then I wanted to create something striking for the beautiful flower beds that we are lucky to have here at our home. So GELDA was created by placing the reclaimed boiler bottoms onto a steel stem. I like to group 3 together in each bed and nestle them amongst the flowers at different heights creating a sculptural element amongst the softness of the flowers.

I am a trained chef, a wife and a mum to four amazing boys (some of whom are now actually men)! I have been lucky enough to live in Cornwall, London, New York, Melbourne and Hong Kong before settling in Hampshire.